CryptoHack is a fun, free platform for learning modern cryptography that I co-founded with Hyperreality. We built the site with the vision of creating the resource we wished we had access to when we began studying cryptography.

Along side the challenges, we have an amazing community on Discord, which I recommend joining if you have a Discord account and enjoy talking about maths / cryptography. Many people I have met there I now consider good friends. Occasionally, we work together under the name CryptoHackers and solve CTFs / Cryptography challenges. We built a blog for CryptoHack to keep track of the projects we do together.

Learning to SQI

At the beginning of 2023 I worked with Maria Corte-Real Santos, Jonathan Komada Eriksen and Michael Meyer to write a SageMath implementation of SQISign following the 2020 paper: SQISign: compact post-quantum signatures from quaternions and isogenies, by Luca De Feo, David Kohel, Antonin Leroux, Christophe Petit, and Benjamin Wesolowski (2020).

The aim of this implementation is to create an educational resource for the interested isogenist or cryptographer and focuses on being clear and verbose. The project includes:


Following NIST’s decision to standardise the CRYSTALS primatives, I decided to write a pure Python implementation of both the key-encapsulation mechanism CRYSTALS-Kyber and the digital signature scheme CRYSTALS-Dilithium.

The code was written as an educational aid and is totally unfit for use in cryptographic applications. The hope is that the clean implementation which closely follows the specification will serve as a resource for those who wish to be familiar with how the primatives work.

Breaking SIDH over Lunch

Working with Rémy Oudompheng and other members of the CryptoHack community, I wrote a SageMath implementation of An efficient key recovery attack on SIDH, based on the proof of concept Magma code, available at

Our implementation breaks SIKEp434 in only 20 seconds, and SIKEp751 in under one hour.


CryptoBook is a community project, developed by members of CryptoHack to create a written resource for people to learn cryptography. The focus of this project is to create an online textbook to serve as a friendly introduction to the mathematical fundamentals of cryptography.

If you’re interested in contributing to the book, come chat to us in the CryptoHack Discord channel

Neutral Spaces

Neutral Spaces is a literary website I created to help contemporary writers by giving them an ad-free, zero cost space to host a portfolio. As the community grew, other projects such as a blog and a writer’s workshop have developed. Each year, the community comes together to create an online magazine with a range of fiction, poetry and essays.

Screaming into a Horse’s Mouth

Screaming into a Horse’s Mouth is a poetry website I curate. I think it is an incredible collection of poems and feel lucky to have been trusted to host the work of the poets I admire most.